Bright GreenCannabinoid Production & Distribution

Protected agricultural, specialized horticultural practices, and progressive technology remain core elements of Bright Green’s horticultural and cannabinoid operations.

A Proven System of Operations

Bright Green Corporation implements an advanced system for Cannabinoid production, optimizing efficiency and quality. Through cost-effective indoor growing and a fully managed enclosed greenhouse ecosystem, the company achieves higher yields year-round. Rigorous security measures prevent cross-contamination, ensuring the integrity of each harvest. Additionally, efficient water use and pest control techniques contribute to high-quality crop production.

Tissue Culture for Consistency

Our pharmaceutical researchers prize and emphasize product consistency for maintaining academic rigor. We produce our crop with tissue culture propagation—the growth of highly productive mature clones from tiny clippings in a manner to preserve consistency— to minimize disease and eliminate potential for genetic drift.

Superior Genetics for High-Quality Strains

Bright Green’s plant breeding program begins with unique cultivars—selected by world-renowned experts—that are generated, cross-bred, and selected for crucial characteristics, including:

  • homogeneous cannabinoid expression
  • powdery mildew tolerance
  • plant architectur

Emphasizing Innovation

Our team exemplifies innovation in plant cultivation, enhancing greenhouse conditions sustainably to optimize growth and development.

  • Robotics – such as the Visser Transplanter or Potting Robot, reduce human interaction to minimize risk of alteration or contamination
  • Efficiency – optimizing growth and development leads to less expended energy use
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Mechanical Innovation – New decentralized mechanical ventilation systems create an improved and homogenous indoor climate
  • Environmental Management – Our team leverages technological advancement to create optimal growing conditions
  • Automation – Automated growing systems optimize growth at each stage of plant development for higher yield and consistency

Automated Production

We utilize automation technology and practices to streamline production, as well as improve efficiency and accuracy in compliance with strict federal regulations.

  • FDA/Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliance
  • Full Good Agricultural and Collection Practices (GACP)
  • USDA compliance
  • Robust Quality Management System
  • Production Flexibility

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