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A historical market creator and first mover, Bright Green Corporation (BGXX) is a pioneering company specializing in the research, production, distribution, and advancement of Schedule I and Schedule II* plant-based drugs and APIs, including psilocybin, psilocyn, peyote, and opium poppy. With a commitment to full compliance with local, state, and federal laws, underscored by deep expertise in navigating complex regulatory landscapes, our goal is to contribute to elevating national security through domestic plant-based drug production, mitigate risks associated with zero production, and meet the demand for domestically produced plant-based medication and APIs.


Bright Green Corporation has always stood at the forefront of pharmaceutical innovation: first as a federally-authorized grower, manufacturer, and distributor of medical-grade cannabinoid products, and now positioned to become the largest DEA-approved domestic producer and manufacturer of plant-based drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).*

Recent expansions and the redesign of its cutting-edge 1 million+ square foot research and development facility in Grants, New Mexico, signify Bright Green’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for plant-based drugs in the U.S. In a groundbreaking move, they are set to become the only regulated company capable of substantially alleviating the current U.S. dependency on foreign drug imports, exceeding $10 billion annually.

While maintaining its pioneering status in the cannabis industry, Bright Green’s focus has broadened to address the critical need for domestic plant-based drug production, showcasing their dedication to innovation and meeting evolving market demands.

With an unwavering commitment to regulatory compliance, Bright Green has continuously met all federal and state guidelines and requirements as it moves towards finalized DEA approval, opening the door for a massive revenue share of the $27.97B domestic plant-based drug market. 

Governed by a board of industry veterans, specialists, and innovative scientists, Bright Green has its sights set on securing lucrative government contracts to drive their next evolution, including the launch of an unprecedented EB-5 offering in partnership with Asia Capital Pioneers Group (ACPG)

Company Highlights
State-of-the-art research and development facilities
Federally licensed to manufacture Schedule I and Schedule II plant-based drugs and APIs*
Renowned team of Medical Doctors and Scientists
Generational growing and manufacturing expertise
Patented formulas and techniques
Partnered in an exclusive $500M EB-5 offering
Horticultural industry proficiency
Authorized for inter-state commerce and international export (Cannabis)

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