Why invest Bright Green is the most efficient licensed manufacturer of Schedule and Schedule II plant-based drugs and APIs in the U.S. market.

Our vision is to enhance quality of life through plant-based therapies, mitigating health concerns, lowering medication costs, and minimizing the risks associated with dependency on foreign drug imports.
In 2024, Bright Green is authorized to…
  • Manufacture medical-grade Schedule I and Schedule II plant-based drugs and Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) including psilocybin, peyote cactus, ibogaine, and opium poppy for research and other legal purposes from its Grants, New Mexico Facility*
  • Engage in federal government contracts for the research, development, manufacture, and distribution of plant-based drugs and APIs in support of the “Drugs Made in America” movement
  • Sell medical-grade Cannabinoid products to DEA-registered companies for the production of products and preparations, subject to final registration and licensure with the DEA as set forth in the MOA
  • Distribute cannabinoid products for federally sanctioned medical research and product development
    Export for international medical or scientific uses
  • Sell products that emerge from Bright Green’s own research and patents

With regulatory compliance at the core of our ethos, Bright Green stands to incur a massive revenue share of the US$27.97 Billion global plant-based API market—specifically the US$10 Billion spent by the U.S. each year on foreign drug imports.

Our Unique Opportunity

As support grows among U.S. legislators for the Manufacturing API, Drugs, and Excipients (MADE) in America Act reintroduced in November 2023, Bright Green has the opportunity to become the sole authorized business capable of meeting market demand at scale. 

With expansions underway at our 1 million + sq foot, state-of-the-start Grants New Mexico facility to support the authorized research, production, manufacture, and distribution of APIs and plant-based drugs, our focus is on securing federal government contracts to deliver a predictable, reliable, and uninterrupted supply chain within the U.S.


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