LEGALBright Green is state-licensed and complies with all local New Mexico laws.


Registration with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration allows Bright Green to supply medical-grade cannabis, marihuana, and cannabinoids to federally licensed researchers that are fully compliant through every step of the process, from germination to consumption. Bright Green is also state-licensed and complies with all local New Mexico laws.
Marihuana and Marihuana Extracts
To fulfill its license agreement, Bright Green is spending $300 million to construct one of the world’s most advanced agricultural growing facilities.
Bright Green Corporation can scale up manufacturing to meet the demand for the products its researchers create.
New Mexico Bulk Manufacturers License
Allows Bright Green to develop and distribute Schedule 1 drugs, required to grow, extract and distribute other cannabinoids, such as CBG and CBN.
New Mexico Hemp License
Bright Green Corporation currently holds more than 400 acres of land licensed to grow hemp in New Mexico.

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