Code of Conduct and Ethics

Bright Green Corporation Code of Conduct and Ethics

Bright Green Corporation is unwavering in its commitment to the highest ethical standards. The “Bright Green Corporation Code of Conduct and Ethics,” accessible through the following link, serves as a foundation for our corporate culture, emphasizing integrity, accountability, and compliance with the law. As you embark on this journey of ethical excellence, please take note of the following key points:

-Core Principles: This document outlines the core principles and policies that serve as the bedrock of our operations. It is our expectation that every employee, officer, and director will embrace these principles in their daily work.

-Reputation for Honesty and Professionalism: Our reputation is built on honesty and professionalism. Upholding these values is not merely a matter of policy but a pledge to maintain our standing in the industry.

-Compliance with Laws: Compliance with the laws of all jurisdictions in which we operate is non-negotiable. This Code ensures that all our business activities are in line with legal requirements.

-Whistleblower Protections: We take whistleblower protection seriously. This Code explicitly states that you are encouraged to report potential violations of federal law or regulations without prior authorization, and your confidentiality will be protected.

-Supplementary Guidance: While this Code sets the overarching principles, it is intended to work alongside the specific policies and procedures covered in the Company’s compliance manual. Refer to those documents for detailed context-specific guidance.

-Transparency: Transparency is key to our corporate culture. We encourage open and candid discussions, and we expect all employees, officers, and directors to report any violations promptly.

-Corporate Responsibility: Our commitment to corporate responsibility extends to all aspects of our operations, including the growth, cultivation, production, manufacture, and sale of cannabis, in accordance with applicable laws.

Thank you for being an essential part of our ethical journey. Together, we will ensure the continued success and reputation of Bright Green Corporation.

You can access the full “Bright Green Corporation Code of Conduct and Ethics” document here

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